Tentative d'une entrée réussie

Tentative d’une entrée réussie [Attempt make a good entrance]
Performance, 55’; various objects; video projection; creation 2015

Video: Julien Gremaud, Costume: Vanessa Schindler

Performance presented at the farº, festival des arts vivants, Nyon (CH)
Festival programation: farº - Véronique Ferrero Delacoste (CH)
Photographies: © far° Nyon / Suisse, Arya Dil

This performance was the first steps of Darren Roshier on a theatre stage. The artist tried different ways to get on stage until the entrance on stage was successfull. From an exhibiton setup to a theatre one, Darren Roshier played with different aspects of living arts; light, spacial stage, references, body etc.

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